Contemporary Macedonian Defense

Sovremena makedonska odbrana

ISSN 1409-8199 / e-ISSN 1857-887X

Sovremena makedonska odbrana
International scientific journal CONTEMPORARY MACEDONIAN DEFENCE is a theoretical journal published by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of North Macedonia. The magazine regularly comes out twice a year and once a year there is a special issue on a particular topic. The magazine publishes original scientific papers, reviews of books in the field of defence, security and peace, on a national, regional and global level.The magazine publishes only reviewed and specialized papers: original research papers, accompanying research papers and professional papers and book displays.

The main aim and specific goals of the international scientific journal CONTEMPORARY MACEDONIAN DEFENCE is to promote various aspects of theoretical and empirical scientific researches in the field of defence and security on national, regional and global level.


Editorial Board

Marina MITREVSKA, Editor–in-Chief
Bekim MAKSUTI, Co-Editor–in-Chief


Muhamed RACAJ
Nikolina KENIG
Paskal MILO
Yantislav YANAKIEV
Olivera INJAC
Michael SCHULZ
Emanuela C. DEL RE

Secretary: Zhanet RISTOSKA
Proofreading and Editing: Rozi GROZDANOVSKA, Martina KIMOVSKA

CONTEMPORARY MACEDONIAN DEFENCE is an international scientific journal published by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of North Macedonia. The journal publishes scientific and professional articles by domestic and foreign authors that address topics in the field of defence, security and peace.

The Editorial Board of the jouirnal is guided by the highest professional and ethical standards, which means that plagiarism and other unacceptable forms of work in the academic community and in publishing are not tolerated.

All scientific articles published in the international scientific journal “Contemporary Macedonian Defence” are reviewed by relevant reviewers in the appropriate field of scientific research and are classified by the reviewers in several categories (original scientific article, scientific article and professional paper). Manuscripts are submitted to the reviewers in an anonymous form.

This Code of Ethics requires the authors of articles to use the sources correctly in the published articles, which means that they will fully list the sources and authors they have cited in their article. Ethics in the publishing of the articles implies that attention will be paid to hate speech and advocacy of discriminatory attitudes of any kind and on any basis, as well as to declaring any conflicts of interest.

All articles in which the authors do not adhere to this Code of Ethics will not be considered for publication in our scientific journal, which is decided at a meeting of the Editorial Board of the journal.

The authors are responsible for complying with the ethical and professional standards and must obtain approval from the authors for the transmission of portions of their texts or authorized video or other material if the author or the publisher so requests.

The International Scientific Journal “Contemporary Macedonian Defence” does not receive or publish articles that have already been published in another journal, or those in which there is a high degree of resemblance to an already published article of the particular author.

The citation in the articles must be consistent and in accordance with the rules set out in the Guidelines for Authors. At the end of the article there must be a section with reference literature in alphabetical order, listing the complete references.

The author should give due recognition to all those who contributed to the research. Those who have competently contributed to the research should be listed as co-authors. The first author, by submitting the manuscript, guarantees that all co-authors agree with the final version of the article and its final publication.

If the article is a research conducted on people (surveys, interviews, etc.), the author is obliged to provide information that the entire research process is conducted with consistent compliance with ethical standards to protect the safety, integrity and dignity of the research participants.

The reviewers are required to treat the manuscript in a confidential manner. The manuscript should not be disclosed or its contents discussed with anyone other than the editor or persons authorized by the editor. The reviewer is required to provide a brief explanation to the Editorial Board of his/her final decision regarding the manuscript, especially if the print decision is negative.

The reviewer is obliged to approach the review objectively. The feedback to the author (s) should be given as professionally as possible, without any personal attacks. The reviewer may not use for his / her own research any part of any data submitted to him / her in articles that are still not published. The reviewer is obliged to immediately inform the editor of any similarities between the manuscript under review and another paper, whether it has been published or is being reviewed by another journal. The reviewer must immediately notify the editor of a manuscript that contains plagiarism, falsified data, or views that constitute hate speech or reflect bias. In addition, the reviewer is obliged to make an objective assessment of whether he/she has sufficient competencies to review the submitted manuscript. If the assessment is negative, he/she returns the manuscript to the editor / Editorial Board in the shortest possible term.

The editor should ensure that the submitted manuscripts are anonymous and should not disclose the names and other details of the reviewers to third parties without their permission.

The editor has the right to make the final decision on the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript, regarding the originality and clarity of the manuscript and its relevance to the journal. Under no circumstances should the editor engage in obliging the authors to cite the particular journal as a condition for accepting the manuscripts for publication.

The editor is responsible for timely review and should take reasonable steps if the author files a complaint with respect to the work of the reviewers.

The magazine publishes only reviewed and specialized papers: original research papers, accompanying research papers and professional papers and book displays.
If Magazine accepts the paper the authors are not allowed to publish it in other journals.
Papers must not have more than one co-author.
The manuscript should be submitted in electronic form. The pages and appendices should be numbered.
Papers should be written in English, where the paper should have a title, abstract and keywords.
The paper which are not to be printed are returned to the authors with an explanation.


The paper should include: title, author, institution, abstract, keywords, introduction, main part, conclusion and reference. The full paper should not exceed 5000 words in English.
Title of the paper – 14 points, Times New Roman, centered. Title of the paper should be short, but give a true reflection of the content and preferably contain as many keywords from the subject matter covered as possible.
One blank line.
Authors name and surname, lower case (Bold), 11 points, Times New Roman, centered.
Two empty rows.
Institution – cursive (Italic), 11 points, Times New Roman, centered.
Two empty rows.
Abstract – 11 points, Times New Roman, single-spaced. The content of the abstract should be an essential and independent entity.
One blank line.
Keywords – maximum 5 words, 11 points, Times New Roman, single spaced.
Introduction – 11 points, Times New Roman, single-spaced. One blank line.
Main Part -11 points, Times New Roman, single-spaced.
One blank line.
Conclusion – 11 points, Times New Roman, single-spaced. The conclusion should be a brief summary of the paper, and to include research results that occurred.
One blank line.
Reference – 11 points, Times New Roman, cited according to the Harvard style of citation. The cited reference should be given in a separate chapter in the order in which they appear as footnotes in the text. Cite only the bibliographical data used in the text. Cite all types of sources of information – books, specialized magazines, websites, computer software, printed or e-mail correspondence, and even verbal conversation.
Papers that use tables, pictures, drawings, photographs, illustrations, graphs and schemes, should be numbered with Arabic numerals, and the title of the picture should be written underneath. Each image or group of images should be planned in a well structured manner. The images should be sent as separate JPG file with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Colour images are printed as black and white.

Format: A4-format, delivered in an electronic form.



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The Editorial Board is obliged to submitt the papers to the competent reviewers. The reviewers and authors remain anonymous. The reviewed papers, together with any observations and opinions of the Editorial Board will be submitted to authors. They are obliged, within 15 days, to make the necessary corrections.

The time of publishing the paper, among other things, depends on following this guideline.

Deadlines for submission of papers – 30.03. and 31.10. in the current year

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